UK hosted Servers

All servers (Dell and HP) hosted within the UK coming with a 100MBit Internet connection along with great flexibility on server updates. We can install either Linux for free or Windows 2003, 2008 & 2012 server for an extra fee (see table below) or you can provide us with your license. Our dedicated servers located in the UK are hosted within the following data centers: Telehouse, Redbus and Bluesquare.

G1 CPU: Intel Atom 1.8GHz Hard drive: 250GB SATA Traffic/month: 5000GB RAM: 2GB €55 Order
G2 CPU: Intel Xeon Quad Core Hard drive: 2x500GB SATA Traffic/month: 10TB Bandwidth 100Mbit Dedicated Port RAM: 8GB €70 Order
G3 CPU: Intel Xeon Quad Core Hard drive: 2x500GB SATA Traffic/month: 10TB RAM: 8GB 100GB remote backup included €86 Order
UK-SSD1 E3-1270v2 (equal to i7-4770 Quad-Core Haswell) 16GB RAM 2x 240GB SSD 20TB bandwidth €99 Order
G4 CPU: Intel Xeon E3-1270 V2 RAM: 16GB Hard drives: 2x 240GB SSD Traffic/month 20 TB €99 Order
G5 CPU: Intel i7 2600 RAM: 32GB Memory Hard drives: 2 x 500GB SATA Hardware RAID controller Traffic: 15 TB/month €110 Order
G6 CPU: Intel Xeon E3-1270 V2 RAM: 32GB Memory Hard drives: 4 x 240GB SSD Traffic: 20 TB/month €169 Order
G7 Dual Quad Core E5520 Xeon 4 x 2TB SATA drives Hardware RAID 10 Traffic/month: 10000GB RAM: 48GB €180 Order
G7 CPU: Intel Xeon E3-1270 V2 RAM: 64GB Memory Hard drives: 4 x 240GB SSD Hardware RAID controller Traffic: 20 TB/month €249 Order
SAS2 Dual Xeon Quad Core (E5500/E5600 Series) 32GB RAM 4 x 300GB 3.5" 10k VelociRaptors Hardware RAID 0/5/10 Linux OS MASSIVE 50TB Bandwidth Per Month Dedicated 1GB Port Connection €280 Order


Optional features & extra services

  • Windows server 2008 web --> 20€/month
  • Windows server 2008 std --> 30€/month
  • Windows server 2012 std --> 30€/month
  • CloudLinux --> 15€/month
  • Linux OS --> free
  • Directadmin --> 150€ one time fee
  • Cpanel/WHM --> 25€/month
  • Virtualmin --> free
  • Plesk unlimited --> 35€/month
  • Remote hands --> 30€/hour
  • KVM over IP --> 40€/4 hours
  • Gigabit port --> 60€/month
  • 100Mbit unmetered --> 280€/month
  • OS updates --> 15€/month
  • RAID controller --> 25€/month
  • Hardware firewall --> 75€/month & 120€/setup
  • Server reboot --> free
  • 100GB offsite backup -->20€/month
  • 200GB offsite backup -->35€/month
  • 500GB offsite backup -->60€/month
  • 1000GB offsite backup -->120€/month
  • 128GB SSD drive -->35€/month
  • Private subnet -->120€/setup & 15€/month
  • Service (5) monitoring --> 5€/month
  • Custom work -->30€/hour
  • Server re-install --> free over KVM
  • Custom re-install --> 30€