Virtual machine with Zimbra installed

Posted on: 07/04/2013

Due to difficulty setting up DNS to work properly on a local machine along with a few other configurations we've made a Zimbra virtual machine under VMware freely available for download. You can get any of our dedicated servers starting from 99 euros/month and we will install for free your Zimbra Colloboration Suite. Just contact us in case that you are interested in.

UPDATE: The latest Zimbra (6.0.7) Open Source edition has been added to the repository. Read below and download the file. The latest bzip2 file includes Zimbra 6.0.7 along with latest Ubuntu Linux patches (uploaded on 18/07/2010).

Download Zimbra VPSZimbra VMware Appliance details:

Operating System: Linux Ubuntu 8.04 64bit
Hard Drive: 20GB
Zimbra version: GA Release (Open Source Edition)

Virtual machine network details:

If you need to modify network settings just edit /etc/network/interfaces and adjust your settings.
Be aware that you will need to change the DNS settings too. Edit  /var/lib/bind/ and adjust the IP's only.

Ubuntu root password: sysadmin
There is also a user called sysadmin with same password with sudo access.

Zimbra Access
Admin control panel:

username: admin
password: sysadmin

Backup Zimbra Open Source Colloboration Suite
Just use the following commands assuming you have alredy create a directory called rsyncZimbra.
rsync -avz --delete zimbra/ rsyncZimbra
su - zimbra -c "zmcontrol stop"
rsync -avz --delete zimbra/ rsyncZimbra
su - zimbra -c "zmcontrol startup"

The above rsync commands will take down your Zimbra for just 2-3 minutes to backup around 30GB.
Then you can use tar to compress the folder and send it over to any NFS/FTP server.

Download direct from our Linux cluster:

Click here to download the Zimbra Virtual Machine.
You will need to use a download manager to limit bandwidth in case of problematic network connection due to large size (around 2.4GB). Linux users can use wget with the following command:


Virtual Machine deployed using the latest VMware Workstation and there are a few snapshots as well. This will help you to revert back in case of an issue.


New Features for 6.0.7

• When creating an appointment in Calendar, the begin and end times are now selected from a drop-down menu. (Bug 20344)
• Drag and Drop files to compose tab for email messages is supported in versions of Firefox 3.6 or later, Chrome, and Safari 4 browsers, without the need for extensions/addons. When using Firefox 3.6 + browser, you can drag and drop files to your Briefcase folders, as well. If you are using Firefox 3.5 or earlier, you need the plug-in available from the Zimbra
Known issues: DND does not work with Internet Explorer. DND does not work when composing in a new window. (Bug 27153)
• The drag and drop Zimlet is now enabled as a core zimlet. (Bug 46325)
• The Radio field in the Outlook Contacts list now syncs with ZWC address book. The Radio field is added as a new field in the Other section of the contacts form. (Bug 27905)
• Calendaring and scheduling .ics files received with an email message can now be added to one of your Calendars directly from the mail message. An Add to Calendar link displays when this type of file is received. (Bug 27959)
• The CLI zmcontrol restart has been added. (Bug 33374)
• When uploading a file that is too large, an error displays, “Unable to upload attachment. Attachment size is too big.” This error displays in Firefox 3.6+,Safari 4+, and Chrome 5.x. (Bug 36776)
• Additional data outputs for CLI zmdiaglog. For Linux: ps auxww and netstat -anp. For Max OSx: psauxww and netstat-an. (Bug 42747)
• “Show Original” is available for Tasks and Calendar items. (Bug 44185)
• Added a new API, ModifyMailboxMetadata to complement SetMailboxMetadata. (Bug 44289)
New user preference, Don’t show contact group if one of its members matches can be enabled. When autocomplete is used to enter user addresses, the contact groups that the user might be part of do not display
in the auto-complete list. (Bug 44509)
• A new COS attribute, zimbraPrefCalendarApptAllowAtendeeEdit, can be set to FALSE to disable the ability for attendee to edit an appointment sent to them. The default is TRUE. Attendees can edit appointments in their Calendars. Now, when an attendee tries to edit an appointment, a warning displays reminding the attendee that the edits are only made to their
appointments. If the organizer makes changes to the appointment, these changes overwrite the attendee’s edits. (Bug 44885)
• Migration Wizard for Exchange enhancements.
• One step migration. The migration tool now provides an option to browse for a migration XML file and then migrate as per the options in the selected XML file. (Bug 45307)
• When running the migration wizard, a zimbra migration account and the MAPI profile are automatically created in AD. Once the migration is completed, the account and profile are deleted. (Bug 45012)
• A new shortcut key, Shift ! (exclamation), display appointments that are overdue or will start in 1 hour or less from the current time. (Bug 45208)
• The maximum attachment size allowed is now displayed in the Attach dialog and Upload dialog. (Bug 45520)
• New IMAP attribute to set the maximum allowed size of an IMAP request. Attribute name is zimbraImapMaxRequestSize. Previously this was a localconfig property. The default is 10240. (Bug 45891)
• Added -a/allServer option for zmprov/FlushCache. If specified, FlushCache sends the same request to all servers running the mailbox services after it is executed on the local server. (Bug 46404)
• Users can now search for messages in their Sent folder by recipient name. In the Sent folder, select the recipient name and then click on the To column header. A Select an Address dialog opens. Select the name and click OK. (Bug 46794)
• A global config attribute, zimbraAuthTokenValidityValueEnabled has been added. The default is TRUE. If this attribute is set to FALSE, auth token validity checking is disabled. (Bug 46966)