Cluster Hosting Frequently Asked Questions

Posted on: 01/07/2013

1. Is there a limit on MySQL databases running on cluster hosting?


Each package has a limit like showing below:
Package 1: 50 databases
Package 2: 100 databases
Package 3: 250 databases
Package 4: 500 databases
Package 5: 30 databases


2. Can I have ssh access?

SSH access can be enabled on a per-domain basis in the control panel. Just go to 'Website Settings' and then 'Secure Shell'.


3. Is there a backup plan in place?

We retain one backup per day of each database for 30 days. We keep at least one per day of your website files, usually 3-4 snapshots are retained. All can be restored at your request at any time.


4. Do you support Ioncube and Zend?

Yes both are enabled.


5. Do you support adult web sites?

Yes as long as it is legal in the UK.


6. How many Microsoft SQL databases can I have?

Only 1 for free and that is only for package Mutli 100. Rest of the packages can get any number of Microsoft SQL databases for an extra 10 euros/month.The standard maximum size is 2GB for the database and logs and in case that you need more than this please raise a support ticket.


7. Can I change time on server?

No this is not possible. It is been set based on the UK timezone. If you use PHP you can update your htaccess file including your preferred timezone like:
SetEnv TZ Europe/Athens
The above command will sync your time with Greek time. Adjust accordingly.


8. Do you have any file limit on clustered hosting?

There is no hard limit on the number of files hosted, just the storage.


9. Do you support Python?

Unfortunately the clustered hosting doesn't support Python at the present time. We do hope to make it available in the near future, however, because it is becoming more in demand.


10. Does your smtp server imposes any sending restrictions, i.e. a number of emails per day or at once?

If you need to send more than 1000 emails in one go, we would generally recommend going for a dedicated email sending solution like our Zimbra email colloboration suite.


11. Is the system fully managed in terms of security and updates?

Yes, servers are updated regularly with the latest patches etc. Because of the load-balanced nature of the system, we can even do this without causing downtime.

12. Could I change the web root directory as I have my own dir structure I prefer to use?

Unfortunately this isn't possible - each site does get its own public_html, however.


13. I know it uses a custom control panel which is fine with me, but since my existing host uses cpanel would that mean I'd need to convert over my existing scripts and db files manually? If so would there be any particular difficulties involved?

Generally it's just a case of copying/uploading your files, and then importing your database in our PhpMyAdmin. You then just need to update any database config files with the new database connection details.


14. Is it possible to make any php.ini alterations?

Yes, we run suPHP so you can have per folder custom php.ini configuration.


15. Since the cloud is technically shared, is the session data per domain protected from access by other accounts?

Absolutely in the same way that we secure the rest of our servers.


16. Is there a limit on requests?

Yes, the following:
Package 1: 0.7 million requests per month
Package 2: 1.0 million requests per month
Package 3: 2.5 million requests per month
Package 4: 3.5 million requests per month
Package 5: 0.5 million requests per month


17. Is there a limit on databases?

Yes, 2GB per database.


18. Do you support Ruby on Rails?

Yes, you can check the relevant link on your control panel.


19. Is there a memory limit?

No there isn't any memory limit as long as you are inside the limit on request per month (see FAQ 16).


20. Can I have my own SSL?

Yes, you can order any SSL and then we will install it for an one time fee of 50 euros.


21. How long it takes to setup my hosting account?

Usually this is done in a few minutes after we receive your payment. In some cases this might take a couple of hours especially if extra fraud check needs to be done.


You can find out more under our knowledgebase. Do not forget to visit the cluster gallery to get an idea about the control panel and its features.