QuickSSL premium certificate

Posted on: 14/08/2009

Secure online transactions and applications in minutes with a GeoTrust® QuickSSL® Premium SSL Certificate, enabling up to 256-bit encryption on web browsers and mobile phones. GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium SSL Certificates show your customers and business partners that their information is secure during transmission from the desktop or on the go. Guru-host offer the QuickSSL at 139€ per year.

QuickSSL Premium Features and Benefits

  • Automated domain name validation
  • Fast issuance and easy installation
  • Up to 256-bit SSL encryption
  • Compatibility with most mobile and smart phone browsers
  • $100,000 warranty
  • Dynamic GeoTrust True Site Seal with date/time stamp
  • Ubiquitous compatibility with 99+% of all browsers
  • 1-6 year validity options
  • Free self-service reissues
  • Free technical support by web, phone and email


Secure online transactions with up to 256-bit encryption

GeoTrust helps you protect sensitive information during transmission when your customers, business partners, and employees connect with you online. QuickSSL certificates enable 40-bit to 256-bit encryption, depending on the client browser capability and the cipher suite installed on your web server.

Easy and quick to install and renew online

This is offered for free to all Guru-host customers. Don't worry about how to install your SSL anymore. We can install it no matter the OS/Control panel.

Show your site security with a True Site Seal

Every QuickSSL Premium certificate includes a dynamic GeoTrust True Site Seal with a date/time stamp. When users of your online or mobile services see the seal, they know that your domain has been verified and that their information is encrypted during transmission.

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