Posted on: 31/03/2013
Directadmin, Cpanel and Cloud Web hosting packages

If you are looking for a reseller hosting package please click here.

If you are looking for maximum uptime and optimal performance, then choose any of the cloud hosting packages.

Guru-host's shared web hosting packages are based on two well known control panels; that is Directadmin and Cpanel along with our custom solutions based on cloud (multiple servers with 100% uptime). All control panels are easy to use with great features. Some prefer Cpanel because they used to and some Directadmin for the same reason and some other our control panel because of its simplicity and the great uptime. If you are sure about what web hosting control panel you want to then you can move on and place your order from the packages below otherwise spend a few minutes to read more about each control panel on the bottom of the page.

Cpanel Web Hosting
Small Business 1024MB 50GB CentOS 64bit 5€/month Order
Corporate 1500MB 100GB CentOS 64bit 13€/month Order
Extreme 2GB 150GB CentOS 64bit 16€/month Order


Directadmin Shared Hosting
Small Business 1000MB 50GB Debian stable 4€/month Order
Corporate 2000MB 100GB Debian stable 8€/month Order
Extreme 3000GB 150GB Debian stable 12€/monthr Order

Test our shared hosting cluster and get amazed by running any ASP/.NET application along with any PHP/Linux application from the same control panel! No need to buy different packages for your needs. Boost your sales with our extra ordinary cluster/cloud hosting system. 100% uptime guaranteed! Do not forget to read the cloud hosting FAQ.

Cluster hosting packages
Package 1 10GB 100GB Up to 10 13€/month Order
Package 2 30GB 300GB Up to 30 16€/month Order
Package 3 50GB 500GB Up to 50 24€/month Order
Package 4 100GB 1000GB Up to 100 37€/month Order
Package 5 2GB 100GB Single domain 8€/month Order
Package 6 500MB 30GB Single domain 4€/month Order


Details about Cpanel shared hosting packages

* Extra 1GB for reseller plans has an annual fee of 59€.
* An extra block of 5GB's for reseller plans can be bought at 199€ per year.

The cPanel and WHM software package makes life easier for web hosts and the website owners they serve. It offers easy-to-use, powerful tools that perform essential tasks quickly, easily, and reliably. Try out our demo below and see what our software can do for you.

Demos of cPanel and WebHost Manager are available below. Please note that some features are disabled for security purposes. To see a product demo, click on the respective link below:

Root and Reseller Admin Panel

Username: demo
password: demo

Domain Owner Panel

Username: x3demob
password: x3demob

Reseller Domain Panel

Username: demo
password: demo

Details about the Directadmin shared hosting packages

E-Mail Menu.  Users can create POP/IMAP accounts, catch-all e-mail addresses, forwarders, mailing lists, autoresponders, and webmail.  Filters allow users to block mail by domain, keyword, and size.  Adult Filter is also available.

FTP Menu.  Users can create FTP accounts and set directory permissions for each account.  Anonymous FTP is also supported.

DNS Menu.  Users can can add and remove records, change MX settings, and anything else that goes with full DNS control.

Statistics Menu.  Users have available every possible statistic about their account.  More advanced options and Webalizer are also included.

Subdomains Menu.  Users can list, create, delete, and get statistics on subdomains.

File Manager.  A user-friendly and fast alternative to FTP.  Includes every feature needed to build and maintain a web site.

MySQL Databases.  Users can easily create, modify, and delete MySQL databases from this menu.

Site Backup.  Using this powerful tool, users can backup and restore only what they want to.  For example, account data but not web site files.

Error Pages.  Users can create custom messages and outputs for 401, 403, 404, and 500 error codes.

Directory Password Protection.  Users can password protect any directory with a username and password.

Advanced Tools.  Users can install SSL certificates, view sever information and installed perl modules, set cron jobs, mime types, and apache handlers, and enable site redirection and domain pointers.

Details about the Cloud hosting

You do not need to choose Windows or Linux hosting package as our cluster platform support both! As soon as your account will be enabled you will be able to create/add new website based on either Linux or Windows! Get the flexibility to run any ASP or .NET application and any Perl,CGI, PHP script from the same control panel!

Assume that you have a client who bought a CMS (Content Management System) written in .NET or ASP and another customer with a CMS written in PHP or Perl. You will need to login to our control panel and click on add domain. As soon as you choose this a drop down menu will appear with the options to select in what Operating System this domain will be based; that is Windows or Linux. Point your 1st customer to the Windows server and the 2nd to the Linux and all are happy! A detailed FAQ can be found here.

You can browse our gallery with many screenshots of the control panel to get an idea how easy is to work with, click here to move on to gallery.

Get a free domain if you pay biennially


    * Windows and Linux hosting from the same control panel
    * Automatic Load Balancing - your website is spread across dozens of servers
    * PHP5 scripting support
    * Perl scripting support
    * ASP .NET 1, 2 and 3.5 SP1
    * MySQL databases (MySQL 5)
    * MSSQL databases (1 database licence included as standard on package 4)
    * Full email with POP3, IMAP, Webmail
    * E-mail forwarding
    * Advanced spam filtering
    * SMTP Relay
    * SSH and Cron Jobs
    * SSL support
    * 24x7 Support by ticket
    * Hosted in the UK
    * Fully support most of the common scripts like Joomla, Movable Type, Wordpress, Magendo, Drupal, Xoops, Xaraya, Ezpublish, Typo3, Guru-host CMS, Menalto Gallery, Bigace, e107, Elxis, Etomite, PHPwCMS, Mambo, etc

Facts for Directadmin:
Directadmin is faster than Cpanel on both end user interface and admin Directadmin can run on Debian (much more stable Linux distribution than any other) Web based automatic tool to secure your server via a freeware plugin (fix almos any security issue) Option to keep as many backups as you wish while Cpanel can only hold daily, weekly and monthly Cheaper packages due to cheaper license Flexibility to install almost anything you like regarding version (PHP, MySQL etc). Gallery with screenshots can be found here.

Facts for Cpanel:
More features to the end user than Directadmin Easier to deal when you are an administrator (root) of the server Many migration scripts from other control panels along with an excellent interface, maybe the best of all. Check out some screenshots here.

Facts for Cloud hosting:
Cloud computing is Internet-based computing, whereby shared servers provide resources, software, and data to computers and other devices on demand, as with the electricity grid. Cloud computing is a natural evolution of the widespread adoption of virtualization, Service-oriented architecture and utility computing.
Clouds often appear as single points of access for consumers' computing needs. That means that 20+ servers act as one so in case of a hardware failure simply the second server takes the load and so on.
This is the ultimate hosting package. You can get an idea of the control panel while visiting our gallery section.