Whats next on upcoming releases

Posted on: 19/05/2011
The Guru CMS has now an official web site, please visit www.gurucms.gr for more info. The details below are out of date.

In this article you will be able to find what will be available in the upcoming releases of CMS and its modules. Guru-host's CMS is been developed actively since 2007 from web experts focusing on security and performance. If you are a developer and looking for more details about each feature please contact us requesting a bugreport account. We will send you the login details in order to access direct the bug reporting system where all bugs and new features are available. You will be able then to check each feature/bug with a more detailed view.

Current release under development is 0.5. In this release the following has been done. Note that numbers in front of the description shows the bug id along with it's assigned category and the name of the developer who is reponsible to solve the bug. Any issue that is been marked as resolved means that will be included in the next release. If anyone want to include that feature prior distributing the release it is also possible. Any issue marked as assigned is under development and the status will change to resolved or closed as soon as it is solved and been tested.


Release 0.5

- 0000140: [CMS] Redirect not working on save when there is no subcategory (penny) - assigned.
- 0000126: [LDAP] Offline mode doesn't work when ldap is enabled (penny) - assigned.
- 0000133: [Forum] Various bugs on forum (yannis) - resolved.
- 0000142: [PHP] Captcha error not working on contact us (penny) - resolved.
- 0000121: [PHP] Application installer (yannis) - resolved.
- 0000130: [CMS] Publish all sub categories does not work (penny) - resolved.
- 0000138: [CMS] Redirect does not working on authorsArticle (penny) - resolved.
- 0000136: [CMS] HTML on offline mode (penny) - resolved.
- 0000129: [User Authentication] Email profile can be retrieved without proper authentication (penny) - resolved.
- 0000131: [User Authentication] Edit user validation rules (penny) - resolved.
- 0000132: [Modules] Add new module does not refresh properly (penny) - resolved.
- 0000128: [CMS] Remove articles published on home page from latest articles (penny) - resolved.
- 0000123: [LDAP] Admin session doesn't expire when ldap is enabled (penny) - resolved.
- 0000041: [Comments] Comments on articles (penny) - resolved.
- 0000125: [Forum] Missing language variable when showing a post (penny) - resolved.
- 0000124: [Forum] Replace fckeditor with ckeditor on forum (penny) - resolved.
- 0000122: [PHP] Global configuration default language (penny) - resolved.
- 0000135: [CKfinder] Standalone instance of ckfinder for bulk upload (stelios) - closed.
- 0000120: [PHP] FCKeditor upgrade to ckeditor and ckfinder (penny) - closed.
- 0000119: [PHP] User login doesn't work on first time (penny) - closed.
- 0000116: [CMS] Menu ordering after category added (penny) - closed.
- 0000110: [PHP] Admin login needs to be done twice (penny) - closed.
- 0000117: [CMS] Cannot delete external link (penny) - closed.

Release 0.6

- 0000144: [Layout] Text field width (stelios) - assigned.
- 0000141: [Documentation] Documentation on how to develop your own forms (stelios) - assigned.
- 0000047: [PHP] Delete files from templates (stelios) - assigned.
- 0000143: [Gallery] Batch upload (penny) - assigned.
- 0000089: [Swiftmailer] Upgrade swiftmailer (yannis) - assigned.
- 0000103: Different thank you page after submiting contact form per language (yannis) - assigned.
- 0000118: [PHP] Upload template files (yannis) - assigned.
- 0000127: [Multilingual] When signle language configured select box should be disapear (penny) - assigned.
- 0000102: [AJAX] Remove AJAX window when deleting an announcement from administration menu (penny) - assigned.
- 0000134: [Gallery] Paging for photos on albums (penny) - assigned.
- 0000101: [LDAP] Update users in real time when ldap module is enabled (penny) - assigned.
- 0000115: [PHP] Hotel booking (penny) - assigned.
- 0000046: [CMS] Make articke sticky (penny) - assigned.
- 0000060: [PHP] Questionnaire system (penny) - assigned.
- 0000073: [PHP] Poll system (penny) - assigned.
- 0000066: [PHP] Delete multiple categories / subcategories (penny) - assigned.
- 0000059: [PHP] Link exchange (penny) - assigned.

Release 0.7

- 0000145: [PHP] Dynamic forms (penny) - assigned.
- 0000104: [PHP] Tags on each article and categories (penny) - assigned.
- 0000107: [PHP] Rent a car booking system (penny) - assigned.
- 0000067: [PHP] Ads module (penny) - assigned.
- 0000114: [PHP] Shopping cart (penny) - assigned.
- 0000097: [PHP] FAQ / Knowledge base (penny) - assigned.
- 0000058: [PHP] Calendar (penny) - assigned.

Release 0.8

- 0000061: [Documentation] API (penny) - assigned.
- 0000075: Different template per category (penny) - assigned.
- 0000113: [SQL] Vbulettin migration to Guru CMS (SQL) (penny) - assigned.
- 0000112: [SQL] Migrate from Drupal to Guru CMS (penny) - assigned.
- 0000111: [SQL] Joomla migration to Guru CMS (penny) - assigned.
- 0000085: [PHP] Permissions in file save (templates) (penny) - assigned.
- 0000084: [CMS] Port CMS to mobile devices (stelios) - assigned.


Each release takes around up to 3 months depending the new features, as bugs are limited.

If you want to add a new feature just contact us. In most fo the cases your feature will be added without a cost in an upcoming release. If there is an urgent to have that feature asap then an extra fee might be applied depending the complexity of the feature. Our CMS is build on a rock solid framework (custom) which allow us to add any extra functionality without having to reinventing the wheel.