Storage Solutions

Posted on: 23/03/2013

We can now deliver iSCSI storage on our enterprise class Storage Area Network (SAN) which is based on the industry leading Lefthand Networks platform. You can choose from low cost, high volume SATA storage, or fast access, high availability SAS storage. We offer 100% SLA if required by duplicating the main storage to a different node. Just add the double space when you ordering and mention this during the order process. We will then setup your storage space and also replicate it for high availability.

Dedicated Server Storage SolutionsiSCSI Connectivity

Connect to your storage from any server using iSCSI, on both Linux and Windows servers. The iSCSI volume is then added to your server in exactly the same way as any other 'physical' disk, such as a drive letter (Windows) or a new volume (Linux). This is automatically mounted upon each reboot.

High Performance

All of our storage nodes are connected at multiple GigE speeds, meaning that your connection can be just as fast as that of a local disk inside your server.

2-way Replication Network RAID

For customers who require a 100% SLA we can offer 2-way replication. This replicates all of your data on two different nodes, providing disk, node, controller and network redundancy for ultimate uptime.

Storage Clustering

LeftHand SANs are composed of multiple storage nodes, clustered together. Each storage node contains its own controller, so adding more nodes increases performance and redundancy along with storage capacity, eliminating performance bottlenecks associated with legacy SAN technologies.


  SATA Storage SAS Storage
iSCSI Connected
RAID 6 redundancy
24/7 Support
Same Day Setup
Multiple GigE feeds
Great for large volumes, lower cost
Smaller volumes, fast access, higher cost
Contract Period Monthly Monthly
Available with any Dedicated Server
Available with any Co-located Server
Available with BlueSquare Rackspace
Maximum Volume Size 8000GB 3000GB
Setup Charge (includes configuration on your server) 69€ 69€
Monthly Charge (minimum 10GB) 1€/GB 2€/GB
To order contact us quoting the required disk space Order SATA Order SAS