Posted on: 05/01/2011
Server Optimization & Configuration

You've got a few million hits per day and a server with plenty of RAM, fast CPU or CPUs and lot of fast SCSI drives and you still got a performance problem?
No worries! Our engineers can analyze, troubleshoot, recommend and fix any issue that you might have. We offer FREE consultation no matter how much time it will take to track down the issue. Afterwards we will sent you over a quote depending the time that we need to spend on your server and based on complexity. Obviously it wont be the same price if you've got a Cpanel server and on the other side a cluster.

Due to nature of the service it's impossible to let you know a fixed price as we need to analyse each case individually.
Contact us to discuss your case and find a solution.

We are able to optimize most of the databases including MySQL and Oracle.
If you also got problems handling large amount of data via your web server we can help you with various ways, from simply Apache optimization up to splitting the service over to a Linux cluster.

No matter what you want we can do it, as long as it is based on Linux. We can also offer cheap services to help you migrate from any Windows server to Linux. Contact us to discuss this further.