Monthly Server Administration

Posted on: 05/07/2011

Our monthly administration plan is focused on providing you anything that you might want to help you speed up your sales without wondering how to support your server. From initial Web and database setups up to troubleshooting complex issues. Almost anythins is supported in this package.

Service Description

* Kernel upgrades (compile any kernel with any feature depending the server needs)
* Server Recovery Service
* Emergency Backup and Migration Works
* Security updates for server software
* PHP configuration, update and installations with options like GD, Curl, XML, Gettext.
* Clean up unwanted files from /tmp
* Scan for Trojan Horses
* Brute force detection
* SSH Server Hardening
* Correcting problems with critical services (Web Server, Mail Server, SQL, FTP, DNS, Control Panel)
* Apache, Perl module installations
* Software/script installation
* Optimizing Apache Web Server

Common Emergency Services

* All/Any webpage(s) on the server shows internal server error
* Web pages with Specific extensions ( for eg:- *.php ) shows download prompt
* Cgi-bin scripts stops working all of a sudden
* Webpage loads very slowly or timeout
* Secure websites stops working
* SSL warnings while accessing secure websites
* All websites stopped working after database server upgrade
* Database connection problems after php recompilation
* Recurring “Database Connection Limit exceeded” error message on critical websites
* Data from specific tables stops working all of a sudden
* Control panel database stops working ( eg:- Cpanel)
* Modification of database variables such as max connections, memory used etc.
* Managing the MySQL connections among various virtual-hosts
* Cannot send and/or receive mail using webmail and/or Outlook Express, Thunderbird
* Mails from/to specific mail accounts/mail servers stops working
* Heavy incoming/outgoing spam causes server downtime, and blacklisting of the server IP
* Installation and configuration of custom iptables firewall based on your needs
* DDoS attack prevention scripts
* “No User/Account by that name” Error message, even when the specific mail account actually exists.

Along with the above your server will be monitored 24x7 and when something goes wrong we will be emailed and also receive sms in order to troubleshoot the possible issue asap. We will monitor up to 5 services every 3 minutes with this monthly server administration plan. Extra monitoring can be done in case that is needed when a complex issue arrised at no cost.

We support any control panel and any Linux distribution. We do not limit our support to specific control panels and also support plain web/database servers because we know how to deal with anything based on Linux.

We do not respond just to see a fast responce, insteed we respond with an answer and a solution to the possible problem.

Monthly administration plan cost 90€ per month.
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