Posted on: 05/01/2011
Introduction to Support Services
Cpanel Server Administration
Cpanel WHM Hosting
Keeping up with patches and security updates is time consuming and hard work, let us do it for you. Your server will be more secure than ever with pro-active security management with custom designed security tools to keep things stable and safe. With extensive experience with managing servers with Cpanel, this plan is specifically designed for our clients and provides the best possibly value for money while running a Cpanel server. Read more about Cpanel server management.
Directadmin Server Administration
Directadmin Web Hosting
The vendor of DirectAdmin says that is the easiest to use control panel with the best possible speed and stability. It is also says that “ We offer lightning-fast support by phone, e-mail, forum, and live online chat”. All apart the last are true and this is where our team of experienced system administrators can help you out. With 3 or 5 minutes monitoring any service on your server and a bunch of custom scripts to look over your server you can sleep quiet. Read more about what is supported and what not on Directadmin server management.
Virtualmin Server Administration
Virtualmin Web Hosting
Virtualmin is simply the most advanced control panel out there as you can install and customize anything without worrying about breaking dependencies. You can also install it under Debian where most of the other control panels are not working at all. Read more about our managed services related with Virtualmin.
Plesk Server Administration
Plesk Administration
As Parallers says “An easy, profitable, and complete server automation solution that will help your business grow”. Read more about our server management plan on servers running Plesk control panel.
Server Optimization
Server optimization
We are sure that all web authors would like to lower the CPU load of their servers, shorten page load times, and boost overall performance. Whether it be to increase profit margin by packing in more customers or to get an old server to handle a popular forum, we can all benefit from server optimization. If that is your case go on and read more about our server optimization plan.
Zimbra Server Administration
Every organization has access to basic email or a standard email server, but fewer have shared calendars- and fewer still mobility or document management via a secure environment. That’s a serious loss of potential productivity and often legacy platforms contribute to this imbalance by presenting complexity and financial obstacles relegating most organizations to limited functionality. Guru-host offer solutions to these and many other common pain points by providing innovative features for end-users and IT administrators at lower total cost-of-ownership (TCO) with Zimbra Colloboration Suite. Read more about our support plan on Zimbra servers.
High Availability Clusters
Linux clusters
High-availability clusters (also known as HA Clusters or Failover Clusters) are computer clusters that are implemented primarily for the purpose of providing high availability of services which the cluster provides. They operate by having redundant computers or nodes which are then used to provide service when system components fail. This ofcourse is not easy to achieve and this is where Guru-host comes. Contact us to discuss your needs and find a solution.
Plain Server Administration
Are you still looking for a company to support plain Linux/Solaris servers? Are they all support only out of the box servers with control panels? Guru-host support any kind of server, no matter what it is running as long as it is Linux or Sun Solaris! Read more about our support plan on servers without a hosting control panel.
LDAP Services
LDAP administration and hosting services
So you've got the need to implement an OpenLDAP directory and have no clue how to do this? We can install, configure and troubleshoot any LDAP server as long as it is based on OpenLDAP and it's variants. Read more about our LDAP based support services.
OpenVPN Services
OpenVPN Hosting
You want to communicate with your branch which is km away or even in a different country via a secure channel and have all your traffic been encrypted? No problem, give us the opportunity to work with you and build a secure environment for your needs. Read more about or VPN support services.
Debian Consultancy
OpenVPN Hosting
Guru-host support almost anything based on Debian. From simple installations up to load balanced fail over cluster using the High Availability project ( We are also able to offer onsite consultancy. Read more about Debian services.