Debian Linux support and consultancy

Posted on: 13/06/2014

An overview of Debian: The great benefit of Debian is that it is 100% non-commercial (put together by volunteer hackers, the true Linux way) and it probably most strictly adheres to Linux standards (it probably sets the standards too). Another benefit is that Debian crams on their numerous distribution CDs thousands of tools and applications--easily much more than any other distribution. 

All these tools/apps are nicely "packaged" (for ease of installation) and Debian GNU Linuxtested for compatibility. This makes Debian distro look monumental, safe, conservative, and always slightly outdated.

So yes, we would not have a problem recommending Debian for as a great general-purpose Linux distribution (mainly for servers) and this is why we offer consultant services based on Debian along with other Linux distributions.

Debian is much more stable that any other Linux distribution so it is highly recommended on server environments.


Support Services: Guru-host support almost anything based on Debian. From simple installations up to load balanced fail over cluster using the High Availability project ( We are also able to offer onsite consultancy.

Due to the nature of complexity we will be able to assist you and offer you our services after a review of your requirements. Please contact us describing what plan you want to achieve. As soon as we receive your email one of our colleagues will contact you the soonest possible.