Cpanel and Directadmin Reseller Hosting

Posted on: 05/07/2011

Guru-host provides reseller hosting based on Cpanel. Reseller packages comes as a one time payment. We do not offer monthly contracts for resellers. We do not offer a 30 days trial service as most of the prividers that offering that type of service are already been black listed by some large ISP's as spammers. We are focused on security and therefore we are very restrict on what is going where and why on our servers.

Cpanel Reseller Web Hosting
Plan 1 1000MB 100GB CentOS 64bit 270€/year Order
plan 2 2000MB 200GB CentOS 64bit 351€/year Order
plan 3 3000MB 500GB CentOS 64bit 405€/year Order

Directadmin Reseller Web Hosting
Plan 1 5000MB 100GB CentOS 64bit 270€/year Order
plan 2 10000MB 500GB CentOS 64bit 351€/year Order
plan 3 20000MB 1000GB CentOS 64bit 405€/year Order

All prices exclude 23% VAT. If you have a valid EU VAT number, no VAT will be added. The VAT verification is done automatically uppon ordering a product.

Cpanel Reseller Web Hosting Details

The cPanel and WHM software package makes life easier for web hosts and the website owners they serve. It offers easy-to-use, powerful tools that perform essential tasks quickly, easily, and reliably. Try out our demo below and see what our software can do for you.

Demos of cPanel and WebHost Manager are available below. Please note that some features are disabled for security purposes. To see a product demo, click on the respective link below:

Root and Reseller Admin Panel

Username: demo
password: demo

Domain Owner Panel

Username: x3demob
password: x3demob

Reseller Domain Panel

Username: demo
password: demo

cPanel has so many features that you can create hundreds of hosting packages based around the features included in cPanel. A great benefit to the interface is that it can morph to fit your needs. The specific features needed in a hosting plan can be created as a package within WebHost Manager so that each of your plans can be assigned to your customers using your different hosting options. Custom plans can also be created, accounts can be upgraded or downgraded to different plans, and any plan or account can be modified at any time. cPanel can allow your customers to do all of the following and more:

General Features:

Move features around with ease (New)
Flexible information sorting (New)
Content relevant help built in (New)

Domain Management:

Manage Subdomains
Manage Parked Domains
Manage Addon Domains
Redirect URLs

Email Management:

Add Email Accounts
Remove Email Accounts
Set Disk Space Quotas for Email Accounts
Virus Scanning
Spam Prevention with SpamAssassin and BoxTrapper
Read mail through Webmail Interface
Manage Mailing Lists
Manage Email Forwarders
Create Autoresponders
Email Domain Forwarding
An interface is available for accounts only needing mail

Site Management:

Manage FTP Accounts
Allow Anonymous FTP Access
Control FTP Sessions
Publish to your site using FrontPage™
Web Disk access to Files (New)
Manage your Site's Files
Backup your Site Use SSLUse
Custom Error Pages
Create Custom MIME Types and Apache Handlers
SSH / Shell Access without external software
Create and Edit

Database and Development Tools Support:

MySQL and phpMyAdmin
PostgreSQL and phpPgAdmin
PHPPerlCGIPythonTomcat (Installer)
Mod_Mono (Installer)

Interface Modification:

Multiple Themes Available
Multiple Looks Available for Each Theme (New)
Custom and Third Party Theme Integration

Features to add to your Site:

Shopping Carts
GuestbooksImage Gallery
Content Management Systems
Publishing Software
Chat Rooms
FAQ System
Support System


View Raw Access Logs for your Site
View Disk Usage
View Bandwidth Usage
View Web Traffic Statistics
View Subdomain Statistics
View your Site's Error Log
See the Latest Visitors to your Site


Block IP Addresses from Accessing your Site
Clam AV Antivirus (free addon)
Password Protect Directories
Prevent Image HotLinking
Prevent Bandwidth Leeching
Manage Directory Indexing
Public Key Authentication for SSH (New)
Install SSL Certificates

Directadmin Reseller Web Hosting Details

Directadmin reseller demo

Resellers can create User accounts. Resellers are also Users, so they have a Reseller and User panel.
Click here to access the user demo:
login: demo_reseller
password: demo

Directadmin Features:

E-Mail Menu. Users can create POP/IMAP accounts, catch-all e-mail addresses, forwarders, mailing lists, autoresponders, and webmail. Filters allow users to block mail by domain, keyword, and size. Adult Filter is also available.

FTP Menu. Users can create FTP accounts and set directory permissions for each account. Anonymous FTP is also supported.

DNS Menu. Users can can add and remove records, change MX settings, and anything else that goes with full DNS control.

Statistics Menu. Users have available every possible statistic about their account. More advanced options and Webalizer are also included.

FrontPage Extensions. Users can enable or disable Microsoft FrontPage Extensions at any time with the click of a button.

Subdomains Menu. Users can list, create, delete, and get statistics on subdomains.

File Manager. A user-friendly and fast alternative to FTP. Includes every feature needed to build and maintain a web site.

MySQL Databases. Users can easily create, modify, and delete MySQL databases from this menu.

Site Backup. Using this powerful tool, users can backup and restore only what they want to. For example, account data but not web site files.

Error Pages. Users can create custom messages and outputs for 401, 403, 404, and 500 error codes.

Directory Password Protection. Users can password protect any directory with a username and password.

Advanced Tools. Users can install SSL certificates, view sever information and installed perl modules, set cron jobs, mime types, and apache handlers, and enable site redirection and domain pointers.

Create / List / Modify Accounts. Account creation, listing, modification, and deletion is done quickly and easily.

User Packages. Resellers can create predefined account packages using this feature. When creating an account, the reseller simply chooses a package instead of manually setting each account feature.

Reseller Statistics. Resellers are provided with a complete overview of their total usage. Resellers may also sort data by users to quickly assess the overall situation.

Message All Users. Resellers can quickly send a message to all their customers by using DirectAdmin's built in ticket support system.

Import / Manage Skins. With this menu option, resellers can quickly import and apply new skins with the click of a button.

IP Assignment. Resellers can allocate IP address to their customers by using this menu option.

System / Services Information. By clicking this feature, resellers have instant access to server status and system information.

Name Servers. Resellers can create personalized nameservers for their customers from this menu.

Create / Modify Admins and Resellers. Admins can create resellers or extra admins quickly and easily with this feature.

Reseller Packages. Admins can create predefined account packages using this feature. When creating an account, the admin simply chooses a package instead of manually setting each account feature.

Show All Users. This feature allows the admin to quickly view every single account on the system and sort this list in various ways.

DNS Administration. This feature allows the admin to create, modify, or delete any DNS records on the server.

IP Manager. This is where the admin sets the IP address available to the server. The admin can also allocate IP address to resellers from this menu.

Complete Usage Statistics. This feature provides the admin with a complete overview of system usage. Exact input and output from the server's Ethernet card is also monitored.

Integrated Ticket Support System

With DirectAdmin's integrated ticket support system, you'll provide better customer service with less hassle. "You have XX messages waiting" is displayed every time you sign in -- and you can set DirectAdmin to notify you of support requests by e-mail, ensuring that no request will be missed. If you prefer to offer support in a different way, simply turn this feature off.

Live Updates

Server administrators can click the "licensing / updates" button to view the current license and version status. There is no need to manually download, extract, and install -- DirectAdmin performs all updates automatically.

Completely Customizable

DirectAdmin is designed to be as unique as your business. Every aspect of the DirectAdmin interface can be changed, and new designs are easily imported through the "skins" menu.

Automatic Recovery From Crashes

DirectAdmin TaskQueue ensures that all services are up, all of the time. If something crashes, DirectAdmin will attempt to fix the problem by restarting the service. If this fails, DirectAdmin will notify the server administrator immediately.