Posted on: 30/12/2010

Q: Do you offer any discounts?

A: Yes. 5% off yearly payments and 10% off biennially payments.

Q: Do you have an SLA (service level agreement)?

A: Yes. We are committed to achieving near-100% uptime. We guarantee you 99.99% uptime and will issue you a credit for any additional downtime you experience, except planned maintenance. Downtime is measured from the time you submit a ticket informing us of the downtime to the time the server is reported to be back online. 1 days credit for each 15 minutes outage. This is only for XEN VPS packages. Different SLA's exist for each of our products (cluster hosting, CPanel shared, VMware)

Q: What kind of backups do you make ?

A: Every morning between 02:00 and 08:00 (UK time) a full backup to tape is performed on managed VPS. Unmanaged VPS are not backed unless you have chosen to add the backup service starting from 30 euros per month including VAT.

Q: Do you provide a FULL slave DNS service?

A: Yes, we provide a FULL slave DNS service using redundant DNS servers.

Q: Do you provide Reverse DNS service?

A: Yes RDNS is provided, raise a ticket to get these set.

Q: Does the VPS support TUN devices?

A: Yes, TUN is fully supported as standard.

Q: Does the VPS support iptables?

A: Yes, full iptables support is standard.