Virtuozzo, Microsoft Hyper-V and XEN Virtualization Hosting

Guru-host is able to offer you virtual private servers either on Xen, Microsoft Hyper-V or Virtuozzo technology. 

The Virtuozzo approach is an operating system virtualization solution that harnesses the full power of your IT infrastructure by increasing the utilization of existing servers by 2X-3X over hypervisor solutions. With today’s lean budgets, higher utilization of your existing servers represents cost savings not only in maintenance and energy costs but also from the potential elimination of new server expenditures.  Virtuozzo virtual machines are hosted in Germany (Strasbourg).

VPS based on Virtuozzo, hosted in Germany
Virtuozzo-1024/25 25GB 5000GB 1GB(2GB burstable) Linux 25€/month Details Order
Virtuozzo-3072/50 50GB 5000GB 3GB(6GB burstable) Linux 32€/month Details Order
Virtuozzo-4096/75 75GB 5000GB 4GB(8GB burstable) Linux 44€/month Details Order
Virtuozzo-5120/100 100GB 5000GB 5GB(10GB burstable) Linux 52€/month Details Order

The Guru-host Windows virtual machines are based on Windows Server 2008 R2 Datacenter, with Hyper-V.
We constantly monitor the hosts with system center virtual machine manager 2008 R2 and operations manager 2007 R2.
If a host fails your virtual machine will automatically move to another host instantly.
Our servers are Dual Quad-Core 2.7Ghz HP DL385G5p's, providing you with some superb performance.

Virtual Private Servers based on Microsoft Hyper-V hosted in the UK
Package 1 40GB 2500GB 1GB Windows 2008 r2 Server 49€/month Details Order
Package 2 50GB 2500GB 2GB Windows 2008 r2 Server 79€/month Details Order
Package 3 100GB 5000GB 4GB Windows 2008 r2 Server 89€/month Details Order

The XEN based virtual machines (now with Intel Xeon Nehalem processors) are hosted on Hewlett Packard and IBM servers with dual quad core processors, DDR2 EEC FB RAM, hardware RAID6 or 10 and enterprise class SAS drives within the UK (London Redbus). A detailed FAQ can be found here

VPS based on XEN, now with Intel Xeon Nehalem processors hosted in the UK
Package 1 25GB 1000GB 2GB Linux only 69€/month F.A.Q Order
Package 2 70GB 1500GB 4GB Linux only 89€/month F.A.Q Order
Package 3 100GB 2000GB 6GB Linux only 129€/month F.A.Q Order
Package 4 140GB 4000GB 8GB Linux only 169€/month F.A.Q Order
Package 5 200GB 5000GB 12GB Linux only 219€/month F.A.Q Order

All XEN based VPS plans comes with 12 cores apart from package 1 which comes with 4. The XEN based VPS plans are the most powerful compared to the rest and this is why the difference in price. If you are looking for the ultimate performance from a VPS look nowhere else than here! No fun, no money for us! We will refund the whole amount within 90 days if you are not happy with the performance.

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Details about the XEN based Virtual Private Servers

Q: Am I required to sign a long-term contract?

A: No, all VPS plans have a minimum term of 1 month and may be canceled at any time. Domains have a minimum term of 1 year and may be discontinued if you so wish. Only .gr domains (Greek registry) need to be registered for 2 years.

Q: Can I move up to or down to another plan at no charge?

A: Yes. You may move between plans at any time without charge. If you upgrade you will be required to pay the difference between the two packages for the time remaining on your billing cycle.

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Liferay Web Hosting

Cheap Liferay Web HostingLiferay Portal is an enterprise web platform for building business solutions that deliver immediate results and long-term value. Due to been based on JAVA an application server required to run properly the Liferay portal. Any try on shared hosting package will lead soon or later to problems. If you want just to test then do it local, if not get a dedicated server or a VPS with a lot of RAM. Guru-host offer a specific range of Virtual Private Servers optimized for Liferay. You will need at least 1GB of RAM to run smoothly the JAVA virtual machine.

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Virtuozzo vs XEN virtualization

Virtuozzo fits into "Operating system-level virtualization" and XEN into "Native Virtualization". Virtuozzo is just a software layer and is almost a glorified "jail" within the system, thereby using a shared kernel and host operating system. XEN, similar to Parallels, VMware and Microsoft Virtual Server, simulate hardware in a guest operating system. This allows for the guest to run exactly like a standalone server would, as far as the end-user is concerned. This type of virtualization tends to be more stable due to its architecture.

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