UK hosted VPS

Providing you with the ultimate balance between a dedicated solution and a more flexible hosting package, our UK VPS packages are the ideal choice for webmasters and business owners who need complete control of their web-hosting environment with the flexibility and freedom of a dedicated server but at a fraction of the cost.

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French Cloud VPS

Cloud VPS hosting is the latest hosting service. Its predecessor VPS hosting is still popular; however some of the technological aspects may turn it to the second plan. VPS means Virtual Private Server - the server which is dedicated to one customer, but still is a virtual one, not physical. That means there can be several customers who have their Virtual private servers in the same huge physical server hardware infrastructure. All our cloud infrastructure is hosted within the Datadock data center.

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Greek Cloud VPS

We offer our customers the most stable and user friendly VPS hosting and other High Availability cloud services in Greece. Our cloud systems are continuously guarding the performance and uptime of your virtual servers (VPS's). The data on the hard disk of your VPS is being stored on a shared storage medium. This makes it possible to reboot the VPS on a new server node if the machine hosting the virtual server encounters any problems.

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