This is an announcement to remind you about our network status web site.
It can be found on and contains information related with our network status and relative announcements. We highly recommend you to bookmark that url.

This website was developed to provide a service status overview for Guru-host’s customers and others. The server is hosted outside of our main data centres, so is geographically separate from all our UK, Germany and Greek data centres where our network infrastructure exists.

We also offer an RSS feed of our service announcements which are freely available to customers and anyone else who would find them useful. RSS can be found at

In case that you cannot raise a ticket (  due to our site been unavailable please follow the procedure outlined below:

1. Wait 5 minutes and then visit to see if there is a network issue that affects your server.

2. If you cannot find an issue that might affect your server or any other service that you might have, please contact us at +302112125024 (press number 3 as soon as you hear the welcome message in Greek)

3. If for any reason you cannot reach us on the phone send us an email at Do not use that email unless you cannot reach us in any way outlined above. This email will be used only when a network problem exists and can’t reach our web site.

Any questions please feel free to open a ticket at

Best regards,

Guru-host Team

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

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